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Preferred PIN

Preferred PIN 

NOW It’s easier than ever to create your own “preferred” PIN

Your PIN is necessary for withdrawing cash with your card and, increasingly, for paying at card terminals. Would you like to have a PIN that is easy to remember? Then just change it to one that you prefer.

For holders of Visa or Mastercard credit cards from card complete, it’s now easier than ever to change a PIN. You can create your new PIN at indoor ATMs of all Austrian banks (except BAWAG) and at more than 600 Payment Services Austria GmbH (PSA) ATMs. These “Bankomats” can be recognized by the familiar blue and green logo.

You can find a suitable ATM near you with the search function on the PSA website (see the orange box on this page).    

Tips for creating your „preferred“  PIN:

  • The PIN code must consist of 4 digits.
  • Please do not use any combinations of digits with a personal reference, such as your date of birth.
  • Do not use any sequences of digits, such as 1234, 2345, 6789 etc.

The process is quick and easy:

  • Step 1: Please insert your card.
  • Step 2: Select a language, please.
  • Step 3: ATM menu with menu item „PIN Management" is displayed.
  • Step 4: Select function „PIN Management“.
  • Step 5: Submenu with the menu items „PIN Change" and „PIN Unblock" appears.
  • Step 6: Select PIN Change.
  • Step 7: Please enter your currently valid PIN.
  • Step 8: Please enter your new PIN.
  • Step 9: Please re-enter your new PIN.
  • Your request is beeing processed (screen display)
  • Change of PIN successful (screen display)
  • Step 10: Please take back your card.

From then on, you can confirm payments with your new, preferred PIN.

Do you have any questions about our products and services?

Please call us: +43 1 711 11 380 or visit our FAQ section (only available in german).