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What is phishing?

Phishing is when fraudsters pretend to be legitimate companies or institutions (using fake websites, apps, emails or phone calls) in order to find out card details, passwords, codes, etc. from customers.

How can I protect myself against phishing?

Always remember: card complete will not call you to request credit card details!

  • card complete will only contact you by telephone to clarify suspicious activity with a Visa or MasterCard card issued by card complete.
  • If your are contacted by card complete, you will never be asked to provide card data (expiry date, complete Secure code, PIN, mTAN, etc.) via e-mail or telephone.
  • If you have received a suspicious e-mail, SMS or instant message, please delete it immediately. Do not click on any links!
  • If you are contacted by telephone, protect yourself by asking for the name of the caller and a call-back number. card complete’s own telephone number is + 43 (0)1 - 711 11 - 0.
  • Before approving an online payment, check exactly which amount and which merchant name appear in the mobile TAN SMS or in the online payment approval screen in the complete Control app and whether this matches the payment you want to make. If you have any doubts, please cancel an unclear payment transaction and contact the merchant before approving a payment.
  • Beware of fake competition from well-known companies! Currently, a fake competition of ÖBB is promoted on Facebook, where a small amount has to be approved, but the customers agree to a standing order in the background.
  • Do not give access to your PC or smartphone via Teamviewer or similar under any circumstances.
  • End telephone calls with suspicious persons immediately!
  • When paying online, please pay attention to the website certificate and whether the URL of the page begins with https://.

Latest Phishing Alert

We would like to inform you of an increasingly common phishing scam and urge you to be careful. Scammers are sending messages that appear to be from These messages are sent via email, chat, WhatsApp or other channels. The scammers request confirmation of payment details for an upcoming trip and threaten to cancel the trip. This is an attempt to steal steal sensitive information such as passwords, codes and personal data from customers.

Please be careful! End calls with suspicious people immediately. Do not give out sensitive information and remember never to share personal login details, credit card information or Mobile Transaction Numbers (MTANs) with anyone! Before authorising a payment in the app, always check the amount and the name of the merchant. If you have already followed the fraudster's instructions and given out your details, please contact card complete immediately on 01 711 11 500.

Please also inform friends and family to protect them.

General security advice

Fraudsters may pretend to be card complete and try to obtain your card data, passwords or mobileTANs. card complete itself will never ask you to change the Secure Code (your personal password) via e-mail or to disclose your card data, Secure Code or mobileTANs via e-mail or telephone. Do not click on unverified links under any circumstances. (To verify a link, move the cursor pointer over the link without clicking. The original link behind it - the URL - will appear).

If you have already disclosed data, or if you have received an SMS to change the Secure Code or your mobile phone number, although you did not order the change yourself, please contact us immediately at (01) 711 11 DW 500.


If you recieved a message regarding the change of your mobilephone number, (see screenshot below) but you did not initiate the change yourself, please call the card complete Security Department immediately at +43 1 71111 extension 500.
























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