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Complaints and disputes

Complaints and disputes 

complaints and disputes

Is there a transaction on your account statement that you do not recognize? Or that you definitely did not make?

To report it to us, please complete the relevant form for your complaint (see the box below),  sign it, and post it with the required documents to: card complete Service Bank AG, P.O. Box 147, 1011 Vienna. You can also scan it and send by e-mail to

Beware of counterfeit products on the Internet

The Internet can be a great place to find great deals. Online shops offer particularly attractive prices and discounts, some “to good to be true”. It is hard to know which providers are trustworthy and reputable, and which deal in fakes. It’s not just a matter of luxury goods. There are now more and more counterfeit products to be found in cosmetics, medicine and toys, which can carry legal consequences as well as pose health risks. How can you protect yourself? Here are some tips.

Tips for customers

When making a complaint, please be aware of the following:

Like every other Visa/Mastercard bank, complete Service Bank AG is obligated to make payment to the contracting company (merchant) upon presentation of a formally correct sales document (invoice).

If any complaints arise that concern the underlying transaction (the purchase of goods or services), then these should be clarified between the cardholder and the merchant themselves. It is not possible for card complete to influence or refuse payment to the merchant simply because the customer is not satisfied (see Item 4.1 of the "Terms and Conditions for Credit Cards from card complete Service Bank AG").

The same applies to purchases of goods/services on the basis of long-distance or cardholder-not-present orders (in writing, by telephone, etc.), where the card number is given by the cardholder, but there is no card imprint or signature on a sales document.

Please bear in mind that a credit card is merely a payment instrument. It cannot grant the buyer of goods/services more rights against the seller than other payment instruments do (e.g. cash). If it were possible to withhold payment because of complaints arising from the underlying transaction, hardly any company would be willing to accept credit cards instead of cash payment.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Do you have a complaint?

To report it to us, please complete the relevant form for your complaintand send it to us:

card complete Service Bank AG
Postfach 147, 1011 Vienna
via eMail: