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complete Secure

Your key to more online security

Info complete Secure 

Online payments are safer and easier than ever with complete Secure and our app!

From 15.3.2021, a new security standard applies for internet shopping within the EU. Customers will need to use 2-factor authentication for online card payments. The easiest way to do this is with our complete Control app — it’s quick and convenient, and doesn’t require you to type in complicated passwords. You simply use the fingerprint recognition or FaceID feature of your smartphone!

Not yet registered?

It’s easy to register: just provide us with your mobile number using the form and a copy of an official photo ID. You will receive your Secure Code (Password) by post. Please note: you must provide a mobile number in order to receive a Secure Code.

How can I use complete Secure?

As soon as you receive your Secure Code by post, install the complete Control app on your mobile phone, register with your e-mail address and use your Secure Code to add your card. You can also change or reset your Secure Code in the app at any time if it is blocked or you no longer remember it.

Even easier online payment approval with the complete Control app

With the complete Control app, you benefit from numerous services such as online payment approval via fingerprint recognition or FaceID (no need to enter complicated passwords), instant alerts whenever you make transactions, an overview of your payment history at any time, self-service card management, and much more. You can find all the information here.

New customers are automatically registered

All new customers are automatically registered for complete Secure, so separate registration is no longer necessary. You will receive your Secure code (Password) a few days before the card and can then use it to confirm online payments.

If you have already registered for complete Secure in the past and know your Secure Code (Password), you do not need to do anything else.

If there are ever problems with your mobile phone's data connection, you can still approve payments using a mobileTAN and Secure Code.

You can also change your Secure Code (Password) at any time. Just click on the complete Secure logo and follow the instructions.


Do you have any questions about our products and services?

Please call us: +43 1 711 11 380 or visit our FAQ section (only available in german).