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Account statement by e-mail

  • fast delivery
  • innovative and environmentally friendly

Account statement 


If you receive your account statement by e-mail, you’ll notice that it comes in a new format from a new e-mail address. To see a sample of the new statements, click here.

Have you not received your statement? Find out what to do here.

After you have paid with your Visa or Mastercard credit card from card complete, you will receive a clear statement of account (invoice) once a month, which you can settle in full, interest-free, within the given payment period. This has several advantages over paying with cash. card complete may allow partial payment of the outstanding balance on the statement if at least 10% of the balance is remitted on time — by either payment slip, online banking or direct debit. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Credit Cards from card complete Service Bank AG.

DThe service BONUS from card complete — your account statement by e-mail

You also have the option of having your statements delivered directly to your inbox by e-mail. This convenient service has become very popular with our increasingly mobile cardholders.

The advantages:

  • even faster delivery than before
  • see your statements from wherever you access your e-mail account
  • electronic archiving for a clear overview
  • innovative and environmentally friendly

To sign up for this option:

  • Simply fill out the form (see Download Box).
  • Send the completed form by post or fax to card complete.
  • card complete will issue your future statements electronically and send them as PDF files (in Adobe ® PDF format) to the e-mail account you have specified.

Adobe ® PDF files can be viewed and printed using Acrobat Reader® software.

If you have difficulty viewing or printing your PDF account statement, please ensure that you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader® software installed on your computer and that you are using an up-to-date printer driver.


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