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Travel Cancellation Insurance


Travel cancellation insurance 


Classic Card

First-time cardholders of card complete Classic Cards with insurance are automatically covered by cancellation insurance for private travel. This insurance is free of charge in the first year. The amount covered is

  • up to EUR 2,500 for package arrangements
  • or up to EUR 1,250 for an individually booked ticket on a commercial means of transport.

There is a deductible/excess of 20% of the claim amount.

This cancellation insurance continues in subsequent years, as long as the cardholder has collected at least 200 credits (each credit represents a transaction value of EUR 15) with the card in the previous year.

Gold Card

As the holder of a card complete Visa Gold Card or Mastercard Gold, you are automatically covered by travel cancellation insurance for private travel as follows:

  • package arrangements up to EUR 2,500
  • or costs of individually booked services up to EUR 1,250
There is a deductible/excess of 20% of the claim amount.

Platinum Card

Platinum cardholders automatically enjoy travel cancellation insurance free of charge!

  • Package arrangements up to EUR 5,000
  • Individually booked services up to EUR 2,500

There is a deductible/excess of 20% of the claim amount.

Upgrade your cancellation insurance

PLUS package
A Gold or Platinum cardholder can purchase a PLUS insurance package for a main and an additional card for EUR 12 each per year (Gold Card) or for EUR 24 each per year (Platinum Card).

The PLUS Package includes

  • Travel Cancellation Insurance: higher coverage (up to EUR 2,500/Gold Card or EUR 5,000/Platinum Card for individually booked travel services), up to 2 claims per year, and no deductible/excess for either type of travel (package or individual).
  • Purchase Protection Insurance: up to EUR 1,000 (EUR 75 deductible/excess), maximum 1 claim per year. The insured item must have been purchased with the card complete credit card.

Please note that travel cancellation insurance does not apply for cardholders with only a Visa Business Card, Visa Corporate Card or Visa Expenses Card. In this case, to enjoy cancellation coverage, we recommend ordering a private Visa Card.

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