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PLUS package

PLUS package 

Order a PLUS Package

A Gold or Platinum cardholder can purchase a PLUS insurance package for a main and an additional card for EUR 12 each per year (Gold Card) or for EUR 24 each per year (Platinum Card).

The PLUS Package includes

  • Travel Cancellation Insurance: higher coverage (up to EUR 2,500/Gold Card or EUR 5,000/Platinum Card for individually booked travel services), up to 2 claims per year, and no deductible/excess for either type of travel (package or individual).
  • Purchase Protection Insurance:up to EUR 1,000 (EUR 75 deductible/excess), maximum 1 claim per year. The insured item must have been purchased with the card complete credit card.

Please note that travel cancellation insurance does not apply for cardholders with only a Visa Business Card, Visa Corporate Card or Visa Expenses Card. In this case, to enjoy cancellation coverage, we recommend ordering a private Visa Card.

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