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complete Control

  • Confirm online payments with fingerprint or Face ID via your smartphone

  • Transaction alerts directly to your smartphone
  • Overview of transaction history

Info complete Control 

complete Control - SIMPLE and secure online payments

Download the complete Control app now and use your card online more easily and securely than ever before. Payment is only carried out after you have confirmed it with the app. It’s easy and convenient, and there’s no need to type in complicated passwords. You simply use the fingerprint recognition or FaceID feature of your smartphone!

In addition to ensuring simple and secure online payments, complete Control offers numerous other features that will make life easier. Whenever your card is used, you will receive an instant push message on your mobile phone, alerting you of the transaction — ensuring that you always keep full control over the use of your card. In addition, complete Control provides an overview of all transactions in the last 12 months. There you’ll find not only all the payments already made, but also any reserved amounts, such as for hotels and rental cars.

Why not download the complete Control app now?

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What you need in order to register or add a card:

  • The e-mail address that we have on file with your card serves as your user name for registering or logging into complete Control. It must be unique and must not be the user name of any other card complete cardholder (including any additional cardholders).
  • If you have several payment cards from card complete, all titles and names (first and last) must be spelled identically on all cards.
  • A mobile phone number associated with your card must be kept on file with us so that we can send you a mobileTAN during the registration process.
  • To add your card, you need the Secure Code assigned to that card. You will use this Secure Code to confirm your online payments (it has at least 8 digits and consists of letters and numbers). You will have received the Secure Code when the card was issued and you may have already changed it. If you are not yet registered for complete Secure, find all the information you need here.

Please use the complete Control change request form to send us any missing information.

How to get complete Control in 4 simple steps

To use complete Control, you only need to register once, either on the complete Control web portal or directly in the app, which you can download free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Registration takes just a few minutes:

1.) Install the complete Control app or open the web portal.

2.) Register with the email address given on your card application and a password of your own choice.

3.) Add your card with the Secure Code assigned to that card. (Not yet registered? Find out how here)

4.) Activate access to the app using fingerprint/TouchID or FaceID.


Instructions for registration

(please watch with sound)

Adding a card:

Adding a card is quick and easy. If using the app, you can either scan the card or enter the card number. Just follow the instructions in the app or the portal. When adding your card, you will receive a mobileTAN at the mobile phone number on file with card complete. After entering the mobileTAN, you enter the Secure Code of your card. As soon as you have done so, you’ll be able to access all the information and self-service features related to your card.

The app, which is free of charge, is available for iPhone in the App Store (from iOS 10.0) and AppGallery as well as for Android via Google Play (from version 6.0).

Please note:complete Control is intended for use by individual cardholders. It is not a corporate card portal that gives companies access to credit cards issued to their employees. Each card (whether personal or corporate) can only be added in the app or portal by the cardholder who has the Secure Code associated with that card.

Do you have any questions about our products and services?

Please call us: +43 1 711 11 380 or visit our FAQ section (only available in german).